GDC getting tired

Looks like the GDC is getting tired of answering the same question over and over. For example, see

Please refer to this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer and this Q&A answer where this has already been addressed.
Each “this Q&A answer” is a link to another thread. I’ve seen more than just this one, it is simply an example, and I mean no disrespect to the team that asked it.

Please, for the sake of our hardworking volunteers who have to answer these questions, make sure you are asking for a new interpretation, not a rehash of something that has already been answered.

Above that, I can’t stress the importance of the SEARCH function. Worse than asking a bad interpretation is asking the same exact question. I know there are a billion sub-forums, but use the search wisely. Try different variations of words or phrases to try and find an answer.


Actually reading all the Q&A’s is helpful, and not just from a “knowing the rules” point of view. Reading “between the lines” of some of the questions helps you get an idea of what you might be going to see at the competition – as teams check to see if their creative strategies are legal – and may even inspire a few ideas for how to design your robot.


I know the GDC already clarified the rule, but we might get a special exception if we ask!