GDC having too much fun

The cables for the lap counters are attached to the Overpass, above The Track. The support plates for the Lane Divider are placed on top of the carpet, and covered with a second piece of carpet that is taped in place. Under the main carpet of The Track you would find (depending upon the venue):

  • Wood planking or concrete floor or iso-grid plastic matting , then
  • Plywood subfloor or ice (optional), then
  • Floor joists or reinforced concrete, then
  • A crawlspace (optional), then
  • Packed soil, then
  • Clay, then
  • Bedrock, then
  • Continental crust, then
  • The Moho Discontinuity, then
  • Upper Mantle (primarily composed of molten peridotite, eclogite, olivine, spinel, garnet, pyroxene, perovskite, and other oxides), then
  • Lower Mantle (primarily composed of magnesium and silicon oxides), then
  • Core (primarily composed of iron and oxygen, sulfur, and nickel alloys)

Just be glad that they didn’t do out the other side. Has anyone asked the GDC what is above the floor? I am certain that depending on the venue and earth’s rotation, at one time or another, they would have to include “Dave’s” other car!

Hmmmm…The response would look something like this:
"Depending on venue, this may include:

  • Air (75% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and some other gases)
  • The building roof (steel, other material)
  • troposhpere
  • Airplane (optional)
  • mesosphere
  • upper atmosphere
  • assorted satellites and space stations. If you are lucky, the space shuttle is included.
  • Space
  • Planet, depending on which venue and when. If Mars, then Dave’s other car