GDC Strikes again

Question: What’s under the Carpet?
One of our students read that the cables, for the lap counters, will go under the carpet creating a raised area. I said that the only thing under the carpet will be the steel plates holding up the center wall.
Who is right?
Keep up the great work!

GDC’s answer:
The cables for the lap counters are attached to the Overpass, above The Track. The support plates for the Lane Divider are placed on top of the carpet, and covered with a second piece of carpet that is taped in place. Under the main carpet of The Track you would find (depending upon the venue):

  • Wood planking or concrete floor or iso-grid plastic matting , then
  • Plywood subfloor or ice (optional), then
  • Floor joists or reinforced concrete, then
  • A crawlspace (optional), then
  • Packed soil, then
  • Clay, then
  • Bedrock, then
  • Continental crust, then
  • The Moho Discontinuity, then
  • Upper Mantle (primarily composed of molten peridotite, eclogite, olivine, spinel, garnet, pyroxene, perovskite, and other oxides), then
  • Lower Mantle (primarily composed of magnesium and silicon oxides), then
  • Core (primarily composed of iron and oxygen, sulfur, and nickel alloys)

Oh thats good.

Haha, glad to hear that the GDC still has a sense of humor this time of GDC

Once again a sloppy, lazy answer from the GDC. Honestly, I expected more professionalism from them…

They’ve clearly left out some layers, as a quick perusal of Wikipedia reveals. The proper answer would be:

  1. continental crust
  2. Mohorovičić discontinuity
  3. upper mantle
  4. lower mantle
  5. Gutenberg Discontinuity
  6. outer core
  7. Lehmann discontinuity
  8. inner core

(Tongue firmly planted in cheek in case anyone wondered)

New post in the Whats Under the carpet thread:

FRC467 Junior Member
Post Thank you regarding Arena Construction
Thank you for clarification of what is under the carpet. We were under the mistaken impression that the Moho Discontinuity was ABOVE the Upper Mantle. This will alter the design of our robot, but not significantly.

GDC is offline Senior Member
Re: Thank you regarding Arena Construction

The Moho Discontinuity may be above or below the Upper Mantle, depending upon your frame of reference and the direction from which you are approaching it. Obviously, one of us is upside-down.

Another mildly humorous one:

Q:my team was wondering if this is agaisnt the rules. say if a team has builded there robot to launch the ball over the pass. can a team get in front of them to stop them from launching the ball or would they be protected with the hurlding rule <G42>.

Rule <G42> protects a Robot and any Trackball that may be in its possession during the Hurdling attempt. The Trackball is only protected while it is in the possession of the Robot. If a Robot launches or throws a Trackball, then that protection is no longer in effect once the Trackball breaks contact with the Robot. So, an opposing Robot may attempt to block a launched Trackball. But any team building a Robot that will attempt to do so should be very aware of the effects of momentum, inertia, impulse loads on long moment arms, dynamic stability, and what happens when an unstoppable force strikes an immovable object.
emphasis mine

Ummmmmmmm…the universe explodes?

My father helped me understand the proper answer many years ago. What happens when an irresistable force meets an immovable object is an inconceivable event.

From statics, if an object is immovable, then it will generate an equal and opposite force to the original force. So, even if that applied force is infinite, immovable object still wins and the Universe keeps running. :wink:

Technically speaking, it would be improper to say an unstoppable force. There is no velocity associated with units of force, so what is there to stop?:ahh:

Yes, it’s late, and I have nothing better to do than nitpick on the GDC’s tongue-in-cheek answers!

Another golden answer.

Are there any limitations on touching or hitting the rack while hurtling?

Restrictions on contact between the Robot and the Overpass are defined in Rule <G34>.

Restrictions on contact between the Robot and The Rack are much more severe, as they would have to involve reverse time travel.

BTW, the first post was my question. One of our students thought that the cables, for the lap counters, went under the carper.