GE commercial

I think it’s awesome that GE included a clip of Team 197 in a new commercial I have seen of theirs. It’s great that a company is so proud to be involved that they put it in their commercials as a part of who they are.

Congrats Team 197!!

Also for those of you who are interested in the song from the comercial it is “Around the World” by ATC
I love that song!

guys ive never seen that commercial, where and when is it on?

I just saw the commercial. It was on about 10:15pm Eastern time, during the show “Law and Order” on NBC.

I was really surprised to see a FIRST robot on a commercial. I’m glad to find out I’m not the only one who saw it.

Did GE sponsor that team?

That’s it! I thought I was insane, does anyone have a link to this? I have been googling looking for this commerical. I remember seeing it! :cool:

Wow… just… wow… lol This thread is 3 years old you know. :ahh:

Anyways, I probably have it on VHS cause I remember it was on during the winter olympics in 2002 in Salt Lake
Or… maybe I didn’t record it. I can’t remember now.
Anyways, look for someone who recorded part of the 2002 winter olympics in Salt Lake City, because that’s when the commercial ran.

Good luck.

Wow… that seemed like so long ago… I still have my 2002 Olympic beret from Roots.
Actually… It’s the one in the pic on my who am I on my myspace… lol
Click that if you want to see what it looked like. ------V

Ya I know, I heard the song on the radio yesterday and I thought were do I remember that! But the Winter Olympics are huge files! Plus there is hours of info and hard to find.

Randomly heard “All Around The World” by ATC on Spotify today and instantly remembered this thread.

Update: I never found that commercial…

When I read the first post on this thread, I thought “Where’s the YouTube link?” After a few posts, I noticed that YouTube didn’t even exist when this thread was started. :ahh:

For your viewing pleasure:


I can’t believe it. This is it.

After 15 years… I can finally rest easy knowing that I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw a FIRST robotics team in a GE commercial.

Wow. Just. Wow.

I saw the title and thought this was about the current GE commercial where the girl creates and invents devices to make life easier.

That was a long time ago. Were there people then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, they were all on AIM.


I guess we have our answer to “Who is the best necromancer?

This thread is older than a significant number of FRC students will be in the 2018 season…