Gear and Timing Pulley Design Resources


I was wondering if any of the more experienced folks out there knew of a good online resource that explains gear and timing pulley design.

In the past Ed Sparks had a good spreadsheet on his website that detailed the various dimensions of a sprocket. I’m looking for a similar resource for gears and for timing pulleys.

…I’ve been trying to make a timing pulley in Inventor, working with specifications from F.N. Sheppard, and I can get it close, but it never turns out right. For 1/2" pitch belt and a 2.81" outer diameter, I end up expecting 17.655 pitches – and the specifications call for 18.


this site has TONS of information, and a few good tools on the above page. The convert program I use all the time (the General Unit Conversion Utility)

If you check out my other thread, you’ll see that Boston Gear has a very comprehensive guide on gear design.