Gear boxes

Has anyone used a 57 sport gearbox and added the duel 775 plate for 2 input motors into the 57 sport gearbox? does it add to the pulling torque?

I haven’t used it but I’m pretty sure it adds torque.

Assuming you use two of the same motor and you run them at the same amount of power, the torque will be multiplied by 2.

The dual input has its own 3.25:1 gear reduction built in, so even using a single Redline in both cases, the dual input it will have 3.25 times the torque compared to not using it, possibly saving you a planetary reduction stage if you plan for this. (Obviously, this is at the expense of the output going 3.25 times slower). You could also add a second Redline for a total of ~6.5 times the torque of one Redline without the dual.

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