gear boxes

Can we buy 2 more gear boxes other that the ones that were provided in the kit ? Or do we have to make them ? It would be alot easier if we could buy some. Can anybody help me ?

Something other than the docs easily available from FIRST’s site?

i suggest building your own gear boxes

the are hella sweet and sexy looking.

not to mention functional.

If you go to a shop, you can probably get them to make a gear-box for you.

However, I prefer making our own. More control over it, what goes in, how it all works. Plus, we cut weight out more (ie drilling holes and stuff that a shop wouldn’t do). Plus building your own is cheaper (all you do is pay for parts, not labour).

I would also suggest to make your own gear box because you can make it just the way that you want it… We (team 61) made your own and we are very happy with it… and its cheaper if you build it your self…

Technokrats or whatever was trying to unload several of them. They are tradeing for motors, although i forget which forum the post is in.

That’s the post by Andy Baker.

So, if you need more Bosch Gearboxes (valued at $50 each) and you don’t mind getting rid of any of the items listed above, please drop me an email and propose a trade.