Gear/Chain Calculator

I have been working on a Gear/Chain Calculator which can be found here.

Features of this Gear/Chain Calculator

  • DP to module & Vice Versa
  • Finding Module & DP
  • Finding Pitch & Outside Diameters of Metric Gears
  • Finding Pitch & Outside Diameters of English Gears
  • Finding Center Distances
  • Sprocket Center Distance Calculator
    Inspired By Chris L from 1114

Formulas for Sprocket Distance Calculator found in Matthew J. Adams’ Sprocket Distance Calculator Spreadsheet

Comments and Feedback is welcome.

Please let me know of any mistakes you may find.

Nice ! and just in time too !

I had just disected a globe motor gearbox and was calculating the gear data.

One thing, sometimes I have to hit the “calculate” button twice to get the dialog boxes to display the correct data (particularly in the “Finding Module & DP” section.

Thanks for the tool …