Gear Coupling for Jideco Window Motor

The N-D Gear Coupling on the First CAD Library ( is made for the Nippon Denso window motor. If any other teams have created a gear coupling for the Jideco motor, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get the inventor model of it. If not, would you know where I could get one?

Would we need to machine it? or would a team be willing to sell it to us?

Team 696

I am not 100% sure what you are asking, however, the Nippon-Denso Motor Coupler (2 are included in the kit) is made for the Nippon-Denso Window Motor and I BELIEVE that it also fits on the Jideco Window Motor. There is one Jideco and one Nippon-Denso Window Motor included in the kit, and two couplers included in the kit. (2 couplers divided by [1 Nippon-Denson Moter + 1 Jideco Moter]= 1 coupler per motor).

  • I hope this helps!

One of the motors is a 9 teeth and the other one has only 8, so the couplers only work for one motor.


You guys wouldn’t happen to know what kind of car the Denso motor is from? (That’s the black one right?) Or do you know where I can find that out?
Mike F.
Team 1279

Thanks for trying to help me out, but my team has now decided that the Jideco motor has no use… and is not important this year.