Gear for the black motor

I was just wondering if anyone had found a company that makes a gear that will slip over the end of the Black Motor for a 1/4" pitch chain or some kind of a coupler to go to a more standard tooth size? Also, do we have any specs as to how sensitive the motor is to side loads?

I don’t know of any coupler that slips over this gear but I suppose that you could find a Ruland coupler that would hold the 2.2 N-m that this motor puts out.

You could have one made by a wire EDM source. You have the gear data. Just have them make a hole the size of the gear in something that would be more to your liking (e.g. a larger more standard gear.).

As to side loads, the motor is intended to work on that small radius of that teenie gear. I suppose that it is pretty good in side loading conditions as long as you don’t go too crazy.

Good Luck.

Joe J.

I have two questions.

#1: What is the diameter of the gear required to get the Black Motor to a free speed of 20000 rpm to match the drill?

#2: Can the drill motor without transmission handle side loads?

Thanks in advance.

the drill motor was not designed to handle side loads. (how much of a side load does a screw put on it?) As to your first question i’ll leave that to the experts floating around.

The drill motor WAS actually designed to take side loads (or at least the transmission was). There is a pretty wide bearing inside the drill transmission. I wouldn’t go crazy with huge side loads but I have and will probably again design mechanisms that put pretty hefty side loads on that drill output shaft.

Joe J.

The black motor is called a Chiaphua motor. It is supplied from Atwood Mobile. All of the specs are listed in a .pdf file on the first website. You can reach the file here:
It has all specs including the torque-speed curve and power consumption rates. It also has data about the pinion mounted on the motor. The two cluster gears that come in the ball bearing bag mesh with the motors. You can find more information here: