Gear hole diameter?

Looking through the manual, we saw the gear dimensions but we couldn’t seem to find anything that had the dimensions of the hole in the gear? Obviously the easiest solution would be to just measure it, but our coach has our kop until Monday and we are trying to work on design ideas today! We may have just missed it, sorry if we did, but thank you for any help!

the peg on the airship where the pilot installs the gear has a diameter of 7/8". the gear is a very loose fit, so i would estimate between 15/16" and 1" diameter.



Keep in mind, the peg is 1-3/8 inches wide. In order to put the gear on the peg you must put it in one of the large side holes between the “spokes”.

the peg I meant in this case is on the railing as part of a GEAR TRAIN. The LIFT also has a peg, which is as you described.