Gear question CAD

Is there a way to specify all the gear constants I’ve created into inventor somehow - and it to generate that gear?
I have the circular and diametral pitches,addendum, dedendum - and practically everything else.
Does such a plugin or some extention of CAD exist that i can do this quickly - or do I need to do model this myself?

Check out Ed Sparks’ iSpurGear model on . You can find it at the bottom right side of the ‘Gears’ page.

iParts contain model data for a number of different variations of a single part and allow you to generate what you need based on that data. If you were to create an iPart yourself with the data you have on hand, you’d probably end up with something that’s quite like Ed Sparks’ model.

Otherwise, to my knowledge, there is no ‘wizard’ or similar in Inventor that prompts you for the gear dimensions and generates a model from them.

I’ve always just modeled them myself. They don’t take that long with the circular pattern and are great practice.

Indeed their is; it is called “Design Accelerator.”

When you are in an assembly, change your browser drop-down (the title) to Design Accelerator, and you should see a new set of tools in the toolbar palette. One will be a gear set generator.

Of course, the FIRST CAD library is also a good place to find iParts as well.

To expand on Pete’s reply, to use the Design Accelerator you must have access to the Content Center libraries. These are installed during the Inventor installation process. Your project must also be set up to use the libraries.