Gear ratio of CIM-U-LATOR for banebot-775

Can anyone tell me the gear ratio for CIM-LATOR banebot-775?

^^ this gearbox

As said on the banebots website, it’s a 2:7:1 reduction.

it says

Reduction : 2.7:1

is 2.7:1 same thing as 2:7:1?:confused:

Yes. it is 2.7:1 he made a typo. And you can always count the number of teeth on each gear. 27 tooth and 10 tooth.

Yeah, typo. It’s 2.7:1. For a single stage gearbox, it’s hard to get 2:7:1. :slight_smile:


so 19500 rpm would be geared down to 7800 rpm. right?
just making sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh and FYI, I’m pretty sure that the motor you are using is the RS775-18… If so then it only spins at 13000 RPM at 12 volts giving it about 4800 rpm out of the CIMulator.

Three problems:

  1. The free speed of the RS550-12 is 19300. That’s not the motor you are planning to use is it?

  2. 19500/2.7 = 7222, not 7800.

  3. RS775-18 free speed is 13,000 not 19500 13,000/2.7 = 4815