Gear ratio switch sds

My team has sds mk4 L2 swerve modules, we would like to switch to L4. Would we need to buy new modules or just new gears?

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Just new gears.

Don’t use L4 unless you have a lightweight robot and a full 54’ practice field to practice on regularly.


For an FTC bot? LOL

Edit: for the ones who didn’t get it, i was joking about as it being annotated as a 54 inch field instead of 54 foot. Therefore you would use the little bots

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We did exactly this swap: L2 to L4.
@Lil_Lavery is right!!! You need a bot well under the weight limit to enjoy L4. Ours was 90ish pounds. Scary, crazy, dance-around-everyone fast. Lots of fun, but you really do need room to let it rip! Your CG better be OMG low too… Or you will run right out from under it! Our CG was maybe 5" off the ground. The only time we saw the bottom of the robot in competition is when our charging station was stuck and our driver basically did a Dukes of Hazard off of it trying to un-stick it. D’oh!

Swap wise, you need to change out the dual gear, the motor pinion, and the final drive gear. Its a big swap. At the time, I could only buy the dual gears, so I had to machine/modify all the rest of the gears from stuff that had the right teeth but nothing else right (length, bore, or shaft features).


Thanks for the advice! Do you know what gears specifically we need to buy?

Look it up on the SDS MK4 parts list. You’ll need to know if you are running NEOs or Falcons for the drive motors to get the correct pinions.

Not sure what your goal is for the choice of L4, but you may want to check out the ILITE Drivetrain Simulator to see how the different gearsets might perform on a bot with a certain weight. L4 has the highest top end, but it can be a net negative if it takes too long to get there with available motor torque and current limits.

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