Gear Rules Clarification

Quick question about the gear drop at the end of autonomous. If our robot drops the gear onto the peg but the pilot does not lift it up and place it on the rotor, do we still get the 60 points during autonomous (let’s say the pilot gets the rotor spinning after the autonomous period).

Or does the rotor need to be spinning at the end of 15 seconds?

No, the rotor has to be spinning for the points to count in auton.

The rotor has to be spinning at the end of the autonomous period in order to count for the 60 points.

I concur: the scoring is for rotors, not gears. Of course, a gear delivered in the first 15 seconds is still a gear in the airship that does not have to be delivered in the next 255 seconds, so it’s not a complete loss.

Though scoring a gear after 135 seconds is going to be very difficult, the match being over and everything.

Like others have said, the points is for activating the rotors not for gears. We were actually competing today and delivered a gear in auto, when an alliance partner pilot then grabbed our gear and placed it in the 2nd rotor position and not the 1st. We didn’t get the 60 points.

Thank you all for the clarification.