Gear Simulation Software

Teaching students to understand gear reduction, torque, etc. is a really important part of teaching them to design a robot. I’ve been looking, for some time, for a software package that would help them visualize how complex gear systems work. I came across the following software demo of a program called “Gears Simulator”]( that has impressed me enough that I am thinking about purchasing a class set of the software.

It is really cool, includes planetary gears, and lets you view a 3d animation of your gear system spinning away. No… it doesn’t include shift-on-the-fly… as far as I can tell. Sorry, folks.

But it is extremely cool and could be easily integrated into many pre-season workshops for VEX and FRC (and FLL, for that matter) rookies.

If anyone has links to similar software that is easy to use and graphically/interactively demonstrates basic concepts like gearing, why not post a link in your reply.

In the meanwhile, check out “Gears Simulator”… I’m having trouble getting through to the main website to find out how much a license costs (edit: 55 Euro… but I still haven’t got through to the developer’s site), but the demo (link above) is a free download from TUCOWS and is worth checking out.


Hi, I am Jaume Dellunde, author of ‘Gears Simulator’ software.
I’ve been developing the 3.0 release, now it works in MS Vista and 7.
Please check the webpage



Dear jdellunde

We noticed that Gear Simulator is very useful for our company.We will be buying multiuser license of the same. We already used demo version of the same and its very useful for us

Please let me know whether you give online training for using the software effectively.