Gear Tooth Sensor in Kevin's C18+ Code

I recently downloaded Kevin’s new C18+ Code and successfully implemented it to use the 2008 kit of parts gyro. Afterward, I attempted to use the encoder code for the 2007 KOP gear tooth sensor (because of notifications that we received regarding errors in the 2008 gear tooth sensors. After going through all the steps listed to enabling the encoder, replacing the phase B logic and uncommenting the testing code in teleop.c, I tested it. After multiple attempts, the terminal was not receiving any gear tooth input (it would display “EL=0” every time). However, there were massive jumps at seemingly random times. After more testing I believe that these jumps in the value were being caused by momentary disconnection of the sensor from the power supply.

Please help us. Any suggestions could be useful. This could be a programming error or it could be an error in the use of the sensor (this is the first time our team has tried to use the gear tooth sensor.

First of all, did these changes your code work with the 2008 KOP GTS?

Also, DivSys, the creators of the boards have said that this problem has existed for 2 years and have offered to fix the boards from this year:
Chief Delphi Thread by DivSys

Finally, you cannot use the 2007 KOP GTS on this year’s robot:
FIRST Q & A Response

If you want, you can list the changes that you made or post snippets of code showing how you used KWatson’s encoder code, so that we can figure anything out.