Gear Tooth Sensor RPM??

We are trying to use the gear tooth sensor to read the RPM of our shooter, and we cant get the RPM to show up on the dashboard… I don’t even think we are coding it correctly. can anyone help? Greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Bluejacket robotics 5464

While you are waiting for a reply, it would be helpful if you would provide more information.

Like tell us what language you are using.

And post your code.

Stuff like that.

we are using java by the way

If you want help solving what you believe is a code problem, you’ll get faster and more accurate answers if you post your code.

I’m trying to start fresh right now, from the start. I have the code from robot builder now and that’s it… its been a long stressful process

It would also be helpful to tell us how it is wired. What options are you using in robot builder?