Gear Tooth Sensor Trouble

I have a question on the G.T.S. when we try to get a read out on the screen all we get is a value of zero. Is teh GTS defined as an rc_dig_inxx or is it a rc_dig_outxx. Another thing the J1 pins are connected to the 12V circut breaker and J2 goes to the Dig in/outputs. Also can anybody tell me the way that they mounted their gyro. If anybody could answer even one of these questions that would be very helpful.

The Gear Tooth Sensor emits a pulse whenever a tooth passes it, varying in length vased on the direction, however our controller isn’t very capable of decoding the direction while remaining stable and functional :slight_smile: But you can measure the counts by setting up an interrupt to fire on each pulse, then incrementing a counter, take a look at Kevin Watson’s interrupt and encoder code at

Also, it goes in a digital input, 1 to 6 for interrupts.