gear tooth sensors purchasing

Has anyone found where we can purchase the sensor as well as the board? I have found the sensor, but not the circuit board. If anyone is not using their gear tooth sensors and circuit boards, we would like to buy theirs.

That would most likely not be legal. Custom FIRST parts are not COTS, so you are generally limited to what they gave you for a given robot.

I will look for boards, though.

I can’t find any boards from Allegro. However, I did find some other possible substitutes:

These act in exactly the same way, but don’t have the same “zero speed” capabilities, i.e. their outputs might drift below 10 rpm a bit. The plastic one costs $18.

I do not think it would illegal since they sold them through IFI last year.

From the FIRST manual:

<R28> COTS ITEMS that are generally available may be used on the ROBOT. COTS ITEMS from
ROBOTS entered in previous FIRST competitions or COTS ITEMS that are no longer
commercially available may be used under the following conditions:
° The item must be unmodified, and still in its original condition as delivered from the
° The item must not be a part custom made for the FIRST competition and provided in a
previous FRC Kit Of Parts (e.g. 2006 FRC transmissions, custom-made motor couplers,
custom sensor strips, IFI CMUcam II modules, etc. are not permitted)
° The item must satisfy ALL of the rules associated with materials/parts use for the 2007
FIRST Robotics Competition

Also note that last year’s gear-tooth sensors were a different model, and they are no longer available, and therefore not COTS because not all teams can get them.

So nobody knows where to get the sensor and the board already together? We are looking for the 2005 gear tooth sensor (with the board). Considering it would be off the shelf they should be legal.