Gear usage question

Well, so yesterday the order of banebot gears was reopened, meaning that israeli teams will get it 2 days before dead line if we order it NOW. my tream needs 2 gears so its a problem, and we know that the ordering could take up to a month so we dont wanna order the gears due to time isues…

We are considering to build a gear for ourselves, taking the example of last years gears. How legal is that?

ALSO: can anyone please direct me to a diagrtam showing how to make a circuit which feeds 7.2V to the Backup battery making it recharge for the hole time?

Thanks =]

Building your own gear is very legal, and encouraged.
Of course, you probably need a cnc machine.
Maybe you can find a company in Israel that sells gears?

The charger circuit: suggests not using that charger circuit, though.

Hey guys about the gears it is perfectly acceptable to make you own gears or bring replacement parts for competition as long as they don’t deviate from the original design and there under 25 lbs. Making the gears may not take as long as ordering the gears however in order to make gears you need access to a laser, EDM or the correct gear tooth cutting tool. The gear tooth cutting tool depends on the involute or pressure angle of the gears and a few other things. I will be happy to answer any further questions but if you don’t have the correct gear tooth cutter or access to the above named machines your probablly better off just ordering them at this point.


Guys, I think we’re dealing with a slight translation issue here. If you read his post a little more carefully I think you’ll see he’s talking about transmissions.

To Tottanka,

I’m assuming you’re talking about the transmissions that came in the kit this year. If you’re contemplating building your own transmissions to reduce the speed of your CIM motors or other motors, this is perfectly legal. I would, however, caution you that it can be a very finicky task. Just make sure that you add a little more distance between the gears than just the pitch diameters, as your machining isn’t likely to be perfect and it’s far better to have a transmission with a little backlash than a transmission with a lot of binding.