Gear wear on swerve modules

We are using mk4 swerve modules since this summer and they’ve been used in 2 events ( 1 off Season and 1 regional) and they are literally done. Wear degree on gears is so critical. I’m going to upload some photos of gears next days. Are there any ways to protect gears from wearing? (Especially the motor pinions are literally gone)

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What are you using for lubrication and how frequently? See FRC 95 The Grasshoppers 2023 Build Thread - #137 by JamesCH95 and Why is our grease non newtonian? - #9 by JamesCH95 for recommendations. Note the recommendation is to grease once per day of use, or every 2-4 batteries worth of driving.


At first, we weren’t using anything, later we started to use liquid grease once a day

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Are both the 14T 20DP drive pinions and the 15T 32DP steering pinions worn on all four modules, or is it just the drive or just the steering or just select modules? Are you using the steel pinions that ship with the MK4 modules or something else?

How long did you run the gears without grease? You mention using the modules in 2 events, but also “since this summer”. We drive FAR more in practice than we do at events. Total driving time at an event might be around one hour. We could be doing more than that every day for weeks when practicing. Even without grease, I’d think that tens of hours of use on an all-steel geartrain wouldn’t be enough to wear teeth to nubs or little triangles.

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We used it without grease for maybe 10 activehours. But we changed drive 20dp gears before kickoff (only the one located inside mani pulley. Wear on steering is acceptable, the critical ones are 14t 20dp drive pinions

We(6424) use a product called “NeoLube NO 2” you paint it on as a liquid and it makes every type of exposed gearbox better. We apply 3 thin coats every night at the end of competitions. One bottle will last several regionals and the price is definitely worth it.

You know what really grinds my gears? Running them without grease :laughing:

But seriously though, always put grease on your gears. We use [white lithium grease](Lucas Oil 10533 White Lithium Grease - 8 oz. Squeeze Tube in all of our gearboxes and never had any significant wear in our Mk4s (or any of our gearboxes, really). Will work better than a liquid as mentioned above, and easy to apply. Just put a dab on your finger and coat the gears while spinning them by hand. We’d usually just add a bit once or twice during a competition.

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10 hours with no grease on steel gears is not good, but it doesn’t seem like that would be enough to destroy them. It might be enough to seriously damage aluminum gears, but it seems these are steel. After installing and greasing new ones, I’d watch them closely for a while. Something else may be going on. If the new ones hold up well in a greased application, I’d think the case could be closed.

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