Gearbox contents. Oil or grease?

We are replacing a gearbox. The new gearbox is using oil for lubrication. Is this legal? Or do we need to drain the oil and pack it with grease?


There are almost no gearboxes that would put up with being filled with grease… especially if its got a high speec shaft gping into it. Get all the teeth coated and no mare than half the airspace.

You need to read the rules carefully! Sealed oil might be ok. Hydraulics ate not.

Tacky grease is used in Banebot and toughbox gear boxes.

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We use tacky grease for our toughbox gearboxes. no problems with the grease so far.

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I can’t seem to find the original post at the moment - but there’s a fantastic writeup by @JamesCH95 somewhere here about lubrication - I think he ends up recommending one of the mobil tacky greases for drivetrain lubrication. Perhaps someone else can find the original though.

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From our 2022 build thread:


We’ve found PTFE-based dryfilm lubrications to be effective at lubrication while preventing carpet shreds and dirt from sticking to the grease. Other than that, white lithium grease is quite effective at reducing friction. Other solutions for clean, effective lubrication include coupling a 3D-printed cover over the lubricated engagements to block off potential entry points for buildup.

To OP: Red Sox rule!

Here’s the consolidated information:


All things being equal oil is a better lubricant for gears. Is it legal for FRC is an open question. If there is any chance it can get out and contaminate the field, it is not. (R205 2023 rules) The same rule applies to greases as well.

The exact same oil came be a lubricant or hydraulic fluid depending on application.

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