Gearbox plate lightening?

Can someone please explain how to make those fancy gearbox plates with irregular shape lightening patterns on? I’ve tried using the shape generator tool in Autodesk Inventor but it is just way too hard to work out the accurate values of all those forces applied to the plate, and the computed results are not satisfying since I do not know how much mass reduction will give me the right shape. Currently I’m attempting to draw the rough layout of the plate first, then put it into SolidWorks simulation to see where the ribs are most needed, but the overall process is still complicated. So how do you guys dual with the lightening pattern? I’m really straggling with it.

Check out 973’s RAMP video series. I’m on mobile right now so I can’t link to it, but it should come up if you search on YouTube. The videos show how they design a lot of parts from scratch, including custom gearboxes. They are very helpful tools for learning how to CAD. 973 uses SolidWorks, but the tewuniques should be easily transferable to Inventor.

edit: I’ll add that pocketing gearboxes, while it looks cool, should be the very last step because any changes could break the pocketing. It’ll really only take off a few tenth a of a pound, so if you don’t feel comfortable with it then it’s better to leave it in un-pocketed or use thinner material than risk the plate breaking at a crucial time just to save half a pound.

Thanks! Just watched the pocketing tutorial and it seems much easier than I previously thought.