gearbox provided

Hello, my team has a small question for everyone with the answer.
are you allowed to use a third gearbox, same as the ones provided by First.
If so, is anyone not using one of their gearboxes and are willing to share it.
it will be greatly appreaciated and we will pay for the shipping and handling.
thank you all for taking your time to read this.\

I would imagine you are alowed to use more since you can buy them from If you are looking to trade for them with other teams, you can make an “ad” in the CD Swap system.

I don’t believe that you would be able to use a third, as only two come in the kit and it is not on the additional parts list. Sorry :wink:

I think they offer them as a way to get a backup or replacement.

Look at the flow chart on page 14 of section 5 and the rules on the preceding pages. IMHO, the gearbox would be considered a COTS item.

The question i would be asking here is not if the transmission is allowed, but are the 2 extra cim motors to drive it allowed?

I have that same question…also where would you put that other gearbox? And Dez, they don’t necessarily HAVE to use CIM motors…so they could substitute FP’s in for the CIM’s maybe. To me, using it as a gearbox for an arm seems a bit much, but hey that’s just me. :rolleyes:

You can always run one CIM motor with thwe provided gearbox :slight_smile:
and thanks guys, i’ll look into buying the gearbox from innovation first.
By the way, any team thinking of using their own customed gearbox?

You are only permitted to use the motors supplied in the kit so, unfortunately, you cannot use an additional two CIMs on your bot. I hadn’t even thought of that earlier.

However, you can use one motor per gearbox, or an AM Planetary for the FP motors.

Wonder what they’re gonna do with three gearboxes :thinks of possibly 6 wheel drive with 3 sets of two wheels:

Wheelie bar wheels maybe??

If you look in the instructions for gear boxes, they show you how to link two for arm drive, add a FP (or two) , AM Planetary, from Andy Mark; and if all this stuff qualifies under the rules as COTS, Cool.

I’ll just be the guy who states the obvious here
How about a heavy lift mechanism? Lots of power not much design needed #35 chain sprockets readily availible in that size. It’s a clear chaoice for a team that doesn’t want to/can’t make their own transmission.

How about a triangular wheelbase with omniwheels? With the gyro provided it should be reasonably easy to build a robot that would always go the direction the joystick is pointed regardless of its orientation (push the stick towards the opposite side of the field and the robot will go that way even if it is facing a different way). It would make for kind of a different driving experience, but it would actually be easier after you got used to it I think. Im gonna draw and post a pic of what im saying.

a total omniwheel bot would be fun to watch, but is it feasible to use it? Would you use a 360° rotating arm component?

Yes I think that it is very feasible…from last year I know that 1083, and 180 had some success using the omni-drive. Now it is even more simple since you have 4 of the same motors (Cims) so you can do a 3 or 4 wheeled omni-drive.

From all this discusion, is any team building some really “outta there” robot this year?