Gearbox that can be used inline with a CIM

Does anyone know of a gearbox that could be used inline with the CIM and go directly to the wheel? We are trying to build a drivetrain with 4 wheels being independently driven, and didn’t know if there was a way to do this. I was thinking like a gearbox from a power drill, but it seemed like they were designed to gear down the motors too much. Any suggestions?

The Dewalt XRP drill transmission seems to work well with the Chiaphua. The buildup is detailed in Dr. Joe’s Nothing but Dewalts whitepaper With it in low gear you get a 12:1 reduction which gives you about 450 rpm. Perfect speed to make a 6" wheel go about 11fps.

Wow, that is awesome. Thank you very much, that’s really going to help us.

From my experiance with the XRP this year, I can confirm that all the hype is well deserved. These transmissions are flat out amazing. They are everything a transmission in FIRST should be- Small, rugged, cheap, on the fly shiftable, and just plain easy to use!

I hope DeWalt service centers learned their lesson this year and stock more come next January. We had a real hard time finding just one late in the season.

It takes a little coaxing to get a CIM to mate up to the XRP, but it’s about 10x easier then trying to make your own gearbox. It’s by far the most bang for your buck in any measure you want.