Gearing and Drive Motors

After seeing my team’s robot drive, I have begun to consider changing up the motors in out drive train. But, I want to see what the CD consensus is before I do so. What are you putting on your robot?

Andymark gearboxes aren’t the only ones out there.

Maybe instead of having the gearbox name, have something like “2 CIM 15feet/sec.” That is, unless you want to know what specific gearboxes people are using.

[LEFT]We’re using 2 cims per side with independent middle wheels running mini cims in a tougbox mini. [/LEFT]

I just figured that I would put these two gearboxes because the majority of robots that I have seen use these two gearboxes.

I doubt you will see many CIMple box robots this year. Even with 4" wheels, they are geared too fast (15+fps) for this game with ramps and obstacles and obstructions that give you few opportunities to drive more than 20 feet in a relatively straight line.

We’re gearing our TB-minis all the way down to 12.75 on a 4" wheel, then farther down with chain to our 8" wheels. It’s a top speed of only 5.6 fps, but we reach it practically instantly and eat most of the defenses for breakfast, and the others for lunch.

We’ve got 2 CIMs per side running AndyMark SuperShifters.

2 CIMS per side geared for approximately 9.8 FPS

At that speed, you won’t be eating very many.

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WCP DS Shifter with 2 CIMS per side

CIMs are overrated :rolleyes:

2 CIMs per side with VexPro single speed double reduction gearboxes.

We’re using 2 CIMs per side in a gearbox based off 1114’s 2014 Gearbox.

Will your robot make it to the tower by dinner time? :smiley:

See you at Bayou. We are looking forward to having fresh beignets again.

Wouldn’t miss it!

Wouldn’t miss it!

There is a Cafe Du Monde between our hotel and the Pontchartrain Center. Hopefully I can save one for you.

We’re using a pair of VexPro 3-CIM Ball Shifters on our drive with 2 CIMs + 1 MiniCIM on each gearbox.

The gearboxs use the 3.68x spread options between the high and low gears and also has a 3rd stage reduction giving us an overall ratio of 7.08:1 (10.85ft/s with 4in wheels) in high gear, and 26.04:1 (2.95ft/s) in low gear.

My team is using a custom single stage gear box. Styled after the WCP Single speed gearbox. Set to a top speed of 12.6ft/sec we will be a speed demon. With multiple options for additional gearing changes to match the meta. A unique feature about our gearbox is that they only have one plate per side, the other plate is essentially built into the drivetrain.

2 cims 1 mini cim per side, geared for around 14.5 fps

1 CIM + 1 mini-CIM in a toughbox mini, 2-per-side direct driving 8" mecanum. Top speed of appropx 15 fps (according to the JVN design calculator, we haven’t measured the actual speed).

We are going 3 CIM Ballshifters (3 CIMs per side) on 8" wheels at a max speed of 6.28 fps low and 16.62 fps high.