Gearing Up Armabot Turret

Does anybody know of a simple way to gear up an Armabots turret by at least 4:1? It doesn’t seem like it would be very feasible to rearrange the gears it uses to gear down the motor without messing up all of the positioning of the gears, and using a larger pulley would only gear it up about 2:1.

Having put one of these together… I really can’t think of a good way to do it. Why do you want it to go that fast?

If the 550 is too slow for you, the 775 is faster, if you still want to go faster then maybe try a bigger 3d printed pulley? if thats not fast enough then… I don’t really know why you would want to go faster than 200 deg a second.

It’s for a revolver mechanism. I want to be able to shoot off all 5 balls in under a second.

Do you have a cad or drawing of what you are doing? I am super curious.

Depending on the gears used, as long as the tooth count and pitch stay the same you should be able to swap them out. I’m downloading their cad now to look

I don’t think a faster turret is going to reduce your shooting time. I think a faster feeder and a faster shooter is going to make a bigger difference.

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If I’m correct about this, I think zec2 means that the Armabot turret would have a drum of some sort that would spin to feed balls to the flywheel like an actual revolver. It needs to go faster in order to feed the flywheel faster like you mentioned.

Exactly. Thanks for clarifying this. After re-reading my original response I’ve realized that what I said was really unclear.

Do you have the ability to cut your own mounting plates? If I was in your position, I would design / cut some plates that could mount a AM sport or a Versaplanetary gearbox. You would lose the possibility of an absolute encoder (sounds like you wouldn’t need that for this application), but have a lot of flexibility on output speed.

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