Gearing Window Motor?

Does anyone know how to get gear up a window motor? We want to take it from 84 rpm to 756 rpm, A 1:9 increase.

Specifically where would you get the gears?

What is it for? Gearing the Denso window motor up 1:9 will result in very little output torque.

Oh my, that would move something very light very fast. What are you going to do?

Anyway, I would recommend using chain and sprockets, easier than gears in my opinion.

A roller arm for picking up the tubes.

Are their sprockets made for the Denso output?

You can either modify the plastic output hub that comes with the Kit of Parts (we’ve drilled the 6x Ø1.875 “standard hole pattern” into them before to mount AndyMark sprockets onto), or you can machine an identical hub into existing gears or sprockets.

The premade Denso sprockets are “Coupler, Denso motor” as listed in the KoP checklist. Perhaps you could rig something to that?

Belts, gears or sprockets…

If you want it light as possible, I’d use the gears from the FP transmission, and belts.

If you want to make your own gearbox, you could make two 3:1 sets; I’ll use the Tetrix gears as an example - has a good selection of spur gears to use. Mount a 120 tooth gear to the motor output adapter, attach a 40 tooth gear to another 120 tooth gear and mount it 2.5 inches away, then attach a 40 tooth gear to your output on the same axis as the motor output shaft (doesn’t have to be on the same axis but it simplifies the housing).