Gears On Field

So my team was thinking in the rules it says after 3 the things stay spinning. Does that mean that after that we are able to take them off after spinning it 3 times and move it to the other gear spots in the airship? Just wondering if anyone has answer to that or if they have thought of that idea.

H10 is your answer. And… well, I can see why that rule is in there.

Here is the actual rule text.

H10. GEARS stay installed. Once a ROTOR is started, the PILOT may not remove any GEARS used to start it.
Violation: RED CARD.

Something I feel is very important to point out is that there are no rules at present limiting moving the pre-populated gears. I hope that this is changed soon, as I can see this fact taking over the general strategy for the pilots during autonomous, and possibly making sending gears to the pilots an unwise decision for the autonomous period.

even the rules state the fact that you can’t move gears even though another contradicts it. a few others do that so will the game masters change the rules them selves as the updates come to us. who knows whats to come in the next update.

Could you point me to the right page? I can’t seem to find the rules that you’re mentioning that deny moving any gears…

H10 bans moving the gears after a rotor has been started. There’s a discussion in another thread on whether the pre-placed gears can be moved prior to their rotors being started.