I trying to find the INVENTOR gear library, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I realized that I don’t even know if it exists. I remember that the MECHANICAL DESKTOP has it… Can anyone help me with that??

I am not sure whether there is such a library for Inventor, but Ed Sparks does have an iGear on the FIRST cad library. The file,, lets you choose bore, hub, tooth, pressure angle, DP. It isnt a true involute gear but it is a very good approximation. Hope this helps.


You could try www.cbliss/inventor/ for all types of iParts from gears to bearings to hardware.

You could try the Boston Gear website. They have 3d models of most of their parts in multiple formats.

When you received Inventor, it should have 3 discs. Disc 3 contains the “Inventor Modules” which, when installed, should allow you to access the parts library. I dont remember gears in it, although I could be wrong. Your best bet is to use Cbliss or