geek calculator

just what we need
i got a 22.87968% geek score :]

14.20118% - Geekish Tendencies
Does that mean I have to leave? :confused:

:smiley: I can honestly say I got a 52.26824% hehe


31.something-something-something%. i closed the window by accident. i’m a major geek. :smiley: haha.

37.47535% - Major Geek

30.8% - Total geek

Thought I’d score higher. :wink:

34.5%, I thought programming games on my calculators would have gotten me more points.

46.74556 % - Super GEEK

if i liked star trek at all that would be much higher but oh well, im gonna redo it adding star trek answers just to see what i get lol

18.54043% - Geek

Lower than I thought…and not sure if I am proud of that or not. :yikes:

err i feel weird


i got 45- supergeek

29.38856% - Total Geek

18.93491% - Geek

I think they should add: “If you made sure to look at the source for this website”


i think being a girl geek gave me some uber points, but then again, there are also lots of other things not listed that make me geeky…

oh well, that’s plenty geek for me :slight_smile:

Haha. I know I am guilty of that sometimes. :slight_smile:

16.375% - Geek, barely I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

34.64497% - Major Geek


32.74162%, but there definitely should be Doctor Who points on the test.

28.00789–Total Geek