Anyone ever check out They seem to have some pretty cool stuff.

HAHAHA :smiley: It says: “Geeks looking for something to do”!! :yikes:

That’s hilarious. Ummm lets see: Games, Science, Food, Games, Science, AV … yep that sounds about right (the things geeks DO!) :stuck_out_tongue: That’s pretty cool … I guess there’s ‘good’ stuff there.

I love it. Thank you for the link. It’s like…a less commercialized thinkgeek, though think geek is my master :-P. Sort of…

Hmm… that’s a pretty nifty link. Thanks for the post.

Wow! Nice link. I think I could spend hours there…no, wait. Let’s make that days! :smiley:

Nice, I’ll have to check more of this out.

PS: Does using this automatically make me a geek? :rolleyes:

EDIT: This is something I have to try. :ahh: Ooh, and I could build my own segway!

Dang! I like the 2 wheel bot a lot. :cool:

An indoor climbing wall… :drool:

Sweetness… Another thing to add to the “I want” list for my dream home. :slight_smile:

the 3 cool things that I liked

  1. garden monorail
  2. backyard roller coaster
  3. DIY segway

If you have any cool DIY projects, or found one on the internet that’s been skipped over, give the guy a suggestion about it. I gave him the link for, which is full of neat projects to do with that old NES.

Exploring the JunkMachine site now, nice link.