General Angels #2230 2015 Robot - Splinter

General Angels #2230 from Israel is proud to present our Recycle Rush robot - Splinter!
Robot Reveal:


  • 2 CIM 2 Mini-CIM H drive
  • Andymark toughbox mini gearboxes (1:8.45)

Tote stacker:

  • 6 tote stacker
  • Ratchet grippers
  • Powered by 2 Andymark RS775 motors +PG71 Gearboxes

RC Lifter:

  • 4 bar system powered by a CIM+ worm gearbox
  • Reaches the top of a 5-tote stack

Roller Grippers:

  • Designed for quick attaching and detaching
  • Powered by 2 BaneBots RS550 motors +P60 Gearboxes(1:16)
  • Banebots 3-7/8" wheels

Competes at the Israeli Regional!
Good luck, and we’ll see you at the competitions :wink:

Im loving that Container claw design! The lights also add a nice effect. Good job!