General awards submission?

I might be missing where they are (or possibly I’m making it up), but I can’t find the section where you fill out the form for general awards submissions. I can see the links for the Chairman’s award, Woodie Flowers award, and Entrepreneurship award though…?

That’s because you don’t submit anything.
Your performance at your event (by your robot, team, anyone wearing your team shirt really) and documentation that you bring with you to show judges is what is mostly how you’ll be judged.

Most years there is a “Team Information Sheet” in TIMS that is due around the end of build season. You should contact your team’s main contact to see if they need to submit one this year. (It will be visible if logged into TIMs with their account.)

On the calendar for Feb. 20 is “Judges’ Information exported from TIMS into Judge books”.

Do folks see this form in their TIMS account?

OH! I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m thinking of! Thank you! I’ll go talk to our main guy about that and see if we can get figure that all out.

So in TIMS, why does the open date for submitting Judges information say it ends on April 28th? I don’t see a date anywhere in the Awards section or the Communication Section under "2.8 Judges Information. It seems like if it’s February 20, that would be kinda important information to have for the teams without having to hunt all over the website - I rarely go the calendar.

Oh, btw thanks Jenny.

Well I guess I messed up - this was last year’s thread and it appears from herethat the date was January 9th.

Why is Chariman’s due Feb 13th ? such a messy date for teams…:confused:

Why can’t chairman’s be due Feb 20th like the Dean’s List ?