General Championship Fantasy FIRST league

That’s right! IT’s the big one!
At least 100 people can sgn up.
We got from now til they release the divisions.
The awards:

Divisional Play:
20…1st seed
12…2nd and 3rd seed
6…4th through 8th
3…9th through 12th
2…12th through 16th

4…Quarter finalists

15…Highest Rookie seed

55…Engineering Inspiration Award
50…Honorable Chairmans Mentions

40…Woodie Flowers
25…Rookie All-Star
20…Rookie Inspiration


10…Any unpreviously listed Award

Get busy!

Why not. :smiley:



Alright, I guess I will be a part on this one!

Im in

why not, im going to win every other league i joined, why not win this too?

  1. Koko Ed
  2. Ogre
  3. Kyle Love
  4. Corey Balint
  5. Freddy204
  6. 1derboy
  7. SOme bonehead from 229. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, since i decided to sit out the year(for the most part) you have a good shot grasshopper.

Jeesh picking on people already. And Jay isn’t signed up yet so who is the bonehead :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Count me in.

You should know.
You guys have to deal with him on a daily basis (my sympathy card is in the mail).

Thanks we really do need all the sympathy with him on the team as we can get. LOL

Do we have to let Ellery out of the cage?

You kidding me?
He’ll just whip out his tools and take it apart anyways.


  1. Koko Ed
  2. Ogre
  3. Kyle Love
  4. Corey Balint
  5. Freddy204
  6. 1derboy
  7. Alex Cormier
  8. Tim Delles
  9. dhoizner

I’m in.

We do need to find something he can’t unblot from his special tools that he always has on his body somewhere. ewww.

Oh yeah, my arguements from the Invite league, carry over to here as well.

I’m Game.