General Dlink DAP1522RevB Problems

Well, a multitude of problems have been occurred with the new router that came in the 2013 KoP for us, including:

  1. The router will power on immediately into bridge mode – regardless of what mode the back switch is in. That is, no flickering of lights indicating it’s turned on, but a “plug in and blue lights” end-all be-all.

  2. The router will not power cycle upon holding down the reset button. I have followed all kinds of forum posts about getting any dlink routers to reset, but alas this one will not.

  3. The router is not at the address. This is after using different combinations of subnet addresses.

  4. We did get a red power light, once. This was a fluke and non-reproducible, though.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like it’s defective. Submit a replacement parts request through TIMS. The deadline is noon tomorrow. Also, order a second one as a backup.

All of them are either too expensive, or out of stock on AndyMark.

Man, I’m glad I caught this before the deadline today, though.