General Help With Programming

This is Team 858…

We lost all our programmers from last year, and we have no idea what we’re really doing. We’d like any tips you can give us, particularly in autonomous mode.

My best suggestion would be that one person from the team to dedicate himself to programming. Then, he can look around for material to learn programming. Look on the Innovation FIRST website for documents you will need to program. Also in the White Papers section of chiefdelphi you will find some helpful documents. It would also be a very nice idea to hook up with some other teams programmer(s), possibly near your team or so.

rule #1: Always keep a backup of the default code wherever you go, and also backups of any working modified code. And you will be good.
For autonomous, try first working on some dead reckoning, then go into all that sensors good stuff.
Good Luck!