general - optimization

This one is pretty general-

  1. since in mplab, using C, I can control everything i can make optimizations.
    Since most of the things in easyC are built in, (and is very good when time is short), are there any important issues, maybe tips someone can give as for time consuming commands.
    (i.e mplab - keving’s code - there’s a 26msec repetition command that need to be considered. ) init camera - 2sec? is there difference in servo - tracking/set regarding to power/time consumption? etc’…?
    auto part is only 15sec, so i think its important.

  2. downloaded 2007demokickoff. have init, auto, operate. In order to test my code (don’t have a dongle switch yet), I copied past it into init part, forcing the controller to run this. Is there a way to order him to go into auto, and operate, and not to do this ugly bypass?


No, offense hanan but the reason your are having such a hard time in easyC is your don’t know what your doing and don’t seem to be reading the wealth of documentation available on chiefdelphi and in the help file. :frowning:

The only reason you probably got the default code to work is you probably already had plugged in the joysticks to the right ports and probably already had your motors plugged into PWM 1-4. From there you just played with it till it worked. This is apparent in the other thread you created as the MPLAB joystick and PWM commands are almost identical to easyC in nature. I’m just saying you really need to do some reading or you are going suffer through programming your robot for the rest of the season with either easyC or MPLAB.
I’m pretty sure others would agree with me in on this if the looked at all of your posts.

no offense Mr. Kingofl337…
started programming 4 days ago. tring to do parallel job - documantion+forums.

one of the main problems that I encountered, (and which I spoke with other ppl) is that beacuse there is so much documantation, you don’t know which file is the one to read. So many pdf’s I read, until I read the right one. all kinds of manuals that I don’t even need, and just consumed time. the easyC tutorial is the best for me, but until I decided to read from it, I wasted a lot of time (and many threads).