General question about average times

Hey everyone! I hope everyone’s build season has been productive so far! During a meeting today with some of our regional teams, we were discussing different strategies, and while we could agree on many, what we couldn’t agree on was the average times it would take to make a stack. Specifically, about how much time does everyone think it would take a robot to make a complete stack of six totes with a container with litter on the top? A mentor gave an estimate of about thirty seconds, but I’m thinking that a robot, especially one carrying all seven objects at the same time (nearly seventy pounds) wouldn’t be able to make it in any less than a minute or even a minute and a half. I would definitely appreciate if everyone could leave their guess, as I’m trying to figure out if it would be a better strategy to focus on the big yield or several smaller ones.

Also, as a secondary question, what does everyone think the average score per game will be? It’s difficult, for lack of a better word, to pick a strategy when you don’t know if fifty points is a significant amount or if it’s completely minuscule. While it’s all speculation of course, I’d definitely be interested in seeing all of your opinions.

Thanks in advance and good luck in your build!

I expect stacks to be made in everywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. I could see 45 seconds as a common time though.

Do you think it would be quicker to make multiple smaller stacks, or one big one? I can’t see someone carrying all six totes moving very fast

I’d agree that 45 seconds to a minute sounds about right for making a stack, getting closer to 80 seconds for a totally complete stack (6 totes + recycling bin + pool noodle).

In terms of average score (and I’m completely spitballing here), I’d expect a decent alliance in quals to get 10 in auto (4 for robot set + 3 totes in the auto zone), another 18 with 3 stacks of 3 totes each, 20 for the coopertition set, and maybe 7 pieces of litter in the landfill, giving a total of 55 points. So yeah, fifty points would be pretty significant.

I think a lot of teams are overestimating the amount of points in a game. I can’t expect anyone to break a hundred.

I’m not sure about that…with the right alliances playing in quals, you’d get 40 coopertition points and 20 auto points, leaving 40 points to be scored via stacks. It’s not impossible, but most scores should stay under 75.

Not to mention the 40 possible points from The Noodle Agreement.

55 points. Makes the Noodle Agreement / Noodle Dilemma’s 40 points look attractive.

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True…I can see TNA swinging a lot of matches if FIRST doesn’t push an update.

  1. The time to make a stack will very much depend on the conditions.

Ideal: (i.e. You’ve grabbed the nearest bin and are now sitting in the feeder station. You have an intake system that orients to tote correctly as it comes down and immediately stacks it inside the robot. Once you have six totes you turn and place it in the closest scoring zone.) I can see this being done in under 30 seconds.

Not so ideal: (You are wading into the landfill, gathering a center bin and picking up totes from the ground - of course they are all oriented awkwardly. You then have to turn the robot and go to the second closest scoring zone as your ally has already stacked something nearby). I could see this, even with a great robot taking over a minute…

  1. Max Points: Every year there are tasks in this competition that seem “impossible.” Yet, every year a handful of teams not only accomplish the impossible, but do it well and very, very quickly. There will be robots that create 36 point stacks - perhaps two - each match. There will be alliances that score over 30 points in autonomous. Coopertition points will be more common than not. Stacked coopertion totes will be very common at high level events. Perhaps not in the district preliminary matches, but in the bracketed play and at regional events, scores over 100 will be common.

The way I see it, if we want to reach Einstein, our robot must, individually, be able to put up over 70 points - not including coopertition. I am a hoping we can approach 100. Of course, that’s going to be difficult and, no, we haven’t figured it out -yet. Then again, that’s what makes this fun.

Thank you all for the replies, it helps a lot. Yeah I assumed the “elite” teams could score over a hundred but I can’t see the average match that high.