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I am an alumni of a robotics team in kentucky… i am restoring an old robot for the team and creating an offshoot game for any alumni who want to play! I am in search of any older electrical components, ones that can no longer be used in competitions. Or that are just laying around. I havent outreached before and im not sure if this can be posted here on chief delphi but im hopeing to at least find a platform where i can reach out to teams! Thank you!

Are you looking to restore a robot using original parts, or just to get it working?

  • If the first, what year are you trying to recreate?
  • If the latter, there are definitely some less expensive options based on (for example) radio control systems and arduino boards.

There are probably a fair number of teams willing to sell obsolete parts for store credit at one of our fine FRC VENDORS. (And yes, using CD as a marketplace for swaps and such is OK.) However, it would be better if you fixed the title to something like “Looking for obsolete FRC parts”.

Im looking for anything. I love going with the older parts to give the retro feel! I program java and HTML a lot. The year for the bot i am restoring is from 2012 Rebound Rumble. Im hopeing to find any parts from 2017 and back. Anything willing to be given or just donated. Im building a second show bot just to take and use to educate or even inform about the world of robotics!

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