Generating a Boolean in GRIP


I’ve been playing around with GRIP and have gotten to the point where I want to check if two numbers are equal, and then publish the equality to NetworkTables. I see that there is an NTPublish Boolean Node, and I see it accepts a boolean as an input, but I don’t see how I can actually create the boolean I’d pass to it.

Anyone know how I’d do this?



I don’t know if that is possible. I don’t think it is. You can try publishing both numbers to network tables and checking if they are equal on the rio.



OK, thanks. I might also try modifying the generated python code to work the way I’d like it to.



I’ve found that GRIP helps a lot when it comes to generating a lot of the basic code that you need to start but most of the time you will have to edit the code output. I find it’s main use in my workflow now is to be able to generate boilerplate code and save time by not having to program a lot of the actual target recognition thresholding and OpenCV stuff manually. GRIP can do a lot of the stuff that you need for target recognition but there is still more logic(both basic and advanced, that I usually program manually) needed for recognition not currently implemented. GRIP is relatively new and is still being actively developed so it’s very likely be a more feature-filled(and used) program in coming years.