Generating pulleys for AndyMark Belts

I am attempting to create pulleys for a robot in a custom size, by 3D printing them. In Inventor, there is the option in the design accelerator to generate “Synchronous Belts”, but I don’t know how I would create a system which employs the belts from AndyMark (5mm pitch HTD) such as this. What options or other tools should I use to accomplish this?

Use this Parametric pulley generator and import the STL.

If you have problems with the pulley generator, you can alternately download the CAD for a COTS pulley of the same desired tooth count, get the 2D profile from that, and then extrude your own with whatever desired features and thicknesses you want.

A pro tip for 3D printing - to avoid using a bunch of support material that will gunk up your belt teeth, either omit the top flange or print the top flange as a 45 degree angled surface from the root of the tooth upward.

I use and then I edit parts in Solidworks for our needs, like holes for the bearing or hex.

Here you can find HTD 5M

Another option is Camnetic’s GearTeq. We make many laser cut gears and the software does a great job of generating the correct involute. It also seems to work well with the HTD profile.

But it is quite expensive ($1900).

Dost thou havest SolidWorks?

Once you drag the pulley from the “toolbox” into the parts window, you can right-click on the pulley graphic in the toolbox, and select configure. From there you can tweak what you want the pitch, diameter, etc. to be.

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Educational Pricing* US$95

Pretty thick of me not to have not seen that. I was actually going to write to them to find out if they could offer what they’re already offering.

You can go to B&B, and find a pulley that is close to what you want. Download the CAD model, then use your CAD system to modify it to suit. As suggested, you can make the flange end flat, thicken the flange and make it a 45 degree angle on the insides. Change the hole to suit etc.