Generating PWM signal

I want to control a window motor with a JAG motor controller using a joystick made up of micro switches. the reason for the JAG is to allow me to reduce the motor speed and utilize the limit switch function of the JAG. i’m not sure what i need to generate the signal, reduce the motor speed (potentiometer?) and reverse direction. is this even possible using micro switches? the unit is a pan & tilt for the top of a truck.

The quick and easy way to do it would to use servos and a servo tester. That eliminates the need for the limit switches and a motor controller.

This one from AndyMark can also be used to control a motor controller. Of course you won’t be able to use a joystick with it whether you are using servos or motors. The plus side is that it has dedicated buttons to cause it to re-center or sweep through the range.

I posted a schematic for a servo tester you can build, definiteky in a thread and maybe also as a whitepaper. Several years ago. Go search.

It uses cheap and readily available parts and is easy to build.