Generating Victor compatible PWM's

For a kind of simple non-FIRST project, I need to generate my own PWM’s for a Victor. I have a circuit for doing so but I need to know what frequency they should have (I couldn’t find it in the documentation and don’t really want to fork over $15 for the special cable to check). So, does anyone (even approximately) what frequency they should have?

If you mean the control signal, it’s the standard hobby servo PWM. 1.5ms is neutral, 2ms is forward, 1ms is reverse. Forward and reverse might be backwards…but 2ms goes full one direction, 1ms goes full the other direction. Anything in between is proportional. You need to send the signal every 20ms or so (this timing isn’t critical). Servos go to sleep if they don’t get the signal after 30ms, but I’m not sure what happens with the victor. If you send it too often, it gets confused and does weird things.

Standard hobby PWM dictates the 1ms is full reverse, 1.5 is neutral and 2ms is full forward, and the most commong timing is 50hz (every 20ms) if you take too long it’ll discard the signal as unstable and I’ve never heard of anything going wrong if its too fast, but try to get your pulse out at 15 to 20ms (50-67hz I think) Any faster and I don’t think it will work, but to be entirely positive you might want to try PMing JVN as he actually works for IFI and should be able to answer your question.

Great, thanks:).

I use the same servos on my HC11 powered robots, and just be aware that you will run into issues if you get too far away from the stated period of the signal. The tollerance is usually within a few ms of the proper frequency.