Generative Design Free Trial (ParaMatters/CogniCAD)

ParaMatters is offering 50 free tokens to the first 500 people to create a free CogniCAD account. CogniCAD is a simple cloud-based generative design tool that allows you to input usable design domain and fixed non-design elements from a STEP file as well as select materials, loading conditions, lightening target, and more. The result is an optimized (and very organic looking) part ideal for 3d printing or even casting.

From my limited experimenting, it looks promising for FRC applications, assuming an understanding of the physics (or trust in the “AI engine” to estimate loads) and a reasonable material reduction target. I invite you to try it or at least claim your credits to use at a later date. 50 credits should get you 4 standard quality designs.

Let me know what you create!


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