Generic Battery Charger

Anyone know where to get or make a battery charger? I need one, but don’t have access to the ones included in the Kit of Parts =(

assuming that the batteries we use are 12v i would suggest try at a sears store. an auto store motorcycle shop. pretty much any type of store that would carry a batteries / battery chargers of that voltage. As for making ure own. wouldn’t advise it. too much electronics and the chances of being shocked or something going wrong are pretty good. beleive me i tried to make my own charger and it just didn’t work

Try Sears

Auto Shops - Pepboys etc.

Kmart - the auto section

and other stores.

You could order the exact one as in the kit from Yuasa.

oh yea forgot about that.

Thank you, I will go try Sears or some place like it tomorrow =)