Genuine Lavery game hint??

I haven’t seen anyone take note of this post:

“Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

hmmm, I think I know what this means - But I don’t want to speculate…
What do you think?

Ooh… is the long awaited clown game finally going to emerge from the ashes of the drawing board’s garbage pile and reign supreme?

I think it means we’ll have to start in a precarious situation. Like starting on the bar this year.

<edit>I’ve got an idea…

Hey Dave! I’ve got a dozen Krispy Kremes at Kickoff (assuming I go–here’s hoping–if not, somewhere else) if you’ll post a hint about the 2005 FRC game as a caption contest entry.

Surely he can’t resist the Kremes.</edit>

Ya-it sounds like a working backwards type deal, or maybe some type of really slick “ice” like surface. Or having to grab one object from a high point on the field, like where a cherry would be.

or have to take balls OUT of a goal.

(without touching the PVC! :smiley: )

Or maybe Dave just likes ice cream better than meatloaf. :stuck_out_tongue:

Billfred caught it earlier and put it up on FIRSTwiki:

Yeah maybe he does just like desert more then a main entree, I mean who doesn’t?

All right, reading the complete post…

and reading possible evidence from the wiki, I have come up with the following conclusion: Considering that the use of a colon in the challenge title usually infers a sequel of some sort, next year’s challenge may have to do with the juggling of balls in some odd, weird, and technically difficult way. This year’s challenge was ‘raising the bar’ in FIRST robotics and perhaps they’ll go further. As usual, we’ll never know until release date.

Or mabey autonomous mode is at the end? I mean, it makes sense.

My vote is that human players in the 2005 game’s responsibility is to dig the robot out from underneath a giant ice cream sundae. That is my official interpretation of that “hint” lol.

wow…im speechless

In which case, I would immediately petition FIRST to allow college students to be human players! :wink:

If you rearrange some words, it would say:
Life is first ( :slight_smile: ), Eat dessert short

So maybe human control is shorter?

Exactly what I was thinking, when combined with the blatent comments about needing to use IR this year for auton that were made at last years kick-off it starts to add up.

this is what I thought of when I heard this, but it could just be Dave giving us a red herring

Who? Me?!!? Would I do something like that???!?


Hmm… just noticed this.

Curmudgeon: An ill-tempered person full of resentment and stubborn notions.

Say it aint so dave… :ahh:

Is there any songs about Red Herrings? You never know, last year he had a song about stairs… :-p

There’s one song I can think of …


Don’t wanna be a fake
Lets start again
Cos this pain might be a red herring
Standing at the finish
And theres no way
We’re ever gonna be okay

… that doesn’t sound very encouraging!!! :wink:

*= Be advised, that the rest of the lyrics to this song aren’t very … family friendly. Search for them at your own descretion.

Going back to the “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” thing … did anyone notice, when the letters are rearranged, you get:

"FIRST stifles tread theories."
“FIRST foiled the air tests.”
“Fated, shiftless territories.”
"IF rises. Test stairs threefold."

Hmmm … :ahh: