Geocaching Travel Bug

Attention all geocachers!! Team 1622 has launched a Geocaching travel bug. We are looking for gracious professionals to help Poway High move their Team Spyder travel bug from San Diego, California to Atlanta, Georgia.

We would like to find our bug near the Georgia Dome or have a fellow robotics team bring the travel bug to our pit area in the spirit of gracious professionalism.

To help or see where our bug is go to: Click on Track Travel Bugs, type 4D611N into the box.

Poway High home page: Team Spyder

This is awsome. I just started geocaching a little bit ago and am having a blast. I actully have a travel bug sitting infront of me right now that needs to go back out. If i see your bug near me I will do what I can to get it to the championship.

What is a Geocaching Travel Bug?

You could have typed exactly that phrase into Google and found out the answer. If you don’t feel like researching it yourself, Cascade already gave a link that will provide the information.