George Lopez to do movie about robots!

At the production offices of the movie La Vida Robot with Allan, George Lopez and me. Fredi Lajvardi!
They start filming the movie about the four boys from Carl Hayden HS that beat MIT in an underwater robotics competition.
Falcon Robotics, along with the Typewriter Repairmen and 0x27 join the special effects team to design, build and operate all the ROVs for the movie!
The character will be named Fredi Cameron

I’m interested to see where this goes. I’ll definitely see it when it comes out!

Agree i cant wait to see this movie:D

I got to spend this week with Fredi and the movie crew, working on technical details, testing robots and lighting, and whatnot…it’s kind of surreal, working on a film about someone you know!

We get to play with all the robots in a week when they start shooting the pool scenes, it should be fun. There will be robots made by FIRST teams 39, 842, 1633, 1726, 2840, and 4183. Some of these are “extras” sitting on team tables, while there are three main character robots, and two or three others that will be “acting” out the mission in the underwater montage.

I think it’s neat that someone is making a real movie about the most recent Woodie Flowers Award recipient. Fredi is getting the STEM message out in a big way!

About time robotics had its Stand and Deliver moment.

Congrats Fredi and team!

There is a Facebook for La Vida Robot where all the news will be posted.

They could not do it without us, FIRST is making its way into the special affects arena of the movies! Its been a lot of hard work, but its amazing to see this all come together after waiting 8 years to get here. Thanks to the other FIRST teams for helping us out! Movie should be out this time next year.

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